Mystery of Why I Blog

Here’s a little secret for you, I’m a horrible writer.

Then again, who said you had to be great writer to have a blog?

So here I am, in all *rolls eyes* of my glory. Let’s start with my name, Katherine Sun. Growing up, I always felt like a superhero because I had the last name Sun. I thought I could control the Sun and all other astronomical bodies with a simple wave of the hand. Ha. Ha. Nope. Turns out I was completely wrong. I’m pretty sure I once waved for the Sun to come out and an icicle fell on my head a few seconds later.

In case you’re wondering(which you’re probably not), I’m blogging because I recently had an injury while playing lacrosse. It turns out I tore my ACL and meniscus. Unlike most ACL tears, mine didn’t happen because of an incorrect landing or because of hard contact with another player. Starting 6 weeks before the injury, I had been preparing for tryouts by doing max-interval running everyday after school on the track as well as weight training. Sometimes after running I would forget to stretch. Not doing so, made all of the strain build up until my knee couldn’t take it anymore. So during our first unofficial practice of the season, I was running normally down the field and all of a sudden I heard four pops come from knee. *Pop pop pop pop* and I fell to the ground holding my knee and wincing in pain, yelling out for someone to come help me. The captains brought me over to the bench and immediately sent someone to go grab the guy who deals with athletic injuries at our school. No joke, he came 20 minutes later and started yelling at our captains. He was being extremely sexist, saying things like, “I have guy’s basketball and hockey injuries to attend to. I can’t waste my time helping girl’s lacrosse.” While he was lecturing away, I was still holding my knee waiting for him to help me. Finally, he turned his attention to my knee and gave me some ice and crutches. I watched him walk away exactly how he came, angry and impatient.

All in all, I hope you enjoy following my recovery journey and anything else that I blog about! We still aren’t sure if the injury requires surgery or not, but for now, I’m still on crutches. Hey, at least I’ll gain tremendous upper body strength 🙂

9 letters, 3 words:    

We Got This.   

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