Chipotle: Making It Worth It

Chipotle may seem pricey sometimes… okay, ALL of the time, but I got your back.

As an extreme lover of Chipotle, I’ve learned multiple guilt-free ways to maximize your order:

1. Ask for a tortilla on the side!

Fun Fact: Bowls can always fit more food! So order a bowl and then ask for a tortilla on the side.

2. “Lots of …!”

Instead of asking for extra rice or more beans, try asking for “Lots of …”. This way, it doesn’t seem like you’re asking to be charged more money.

3. 2 kinds of meat
Try saying something along the lines of “I’ll take half chicken, half carnitas.” Since it’s hard to perfectly measure out half of a scoop, you’ll usually end up with some extra perfectly cooked and seasoned meat!

Caution: They will always charge you the price of the more expensive meat. So I recommend not doing this with steak because you may end up getting a worse deal 😦

4. Guac in a cup!

Always order guacamole on the side. It turns out, when it’s in the cup you actually get more guac than when its in the bowl. Hopefully the jaw dropping guac prices won’t seem so bad anymore!

5. 2 kinds of beans

For all the bean lovers, ask for “half black, half pinto bean” and you’ll almost always get more than the regular serving.


Hope that all the beans and rice bring you happiness! After all, one can never eat too much Chipotle…


9 letters, 3 words:

We Got This. 

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