Questions for my Future Self

Hi Katherine,

15 years from now, I hope you’ll still be here to answer these questions I am dying to know the answers to…

 What college did you end up going to?

How did you react when you did/didn’t get into certain colleges? MIT? Stanford? 

Did you love college?

What happened to all of your high school friends? Do you still keep in touch with them or see them? If not, I think you should call or text them right now.

What friends did you make in college? How did you guys meet? What are some of the best experiences you guys had?

Did you hit a wall in college and feel like a complete failure?

How much did you miss your parents after a month? 3 months? A year?

What did you end up majoring in? Are you working a desk job? Do you love what you do right now?

What mistakes have you made? How did you overcome them?

How are mom and dad doing now?  Did they ever end up getting a dog?

Did you ever end up tearing your ACL again?

Did you ever overcome your nervousness at big competitions?

Are you married, engaged, dating, single?

Who have you dated? Have you ever been in love? What does a real break up feel like?

What does love feel like?

What’s your biggest fear now?

Do you still play cello now? 

How is your sister doing? Did she end up getting married to Kevin? What did you say at her wedding? Does she have any kids now? How is your relationship with her?

What do you miss or not miss the most about being my age?

What do you regret the most?

I hope you can answer all of these questions for me one day. Stay strong and never forget to take a moment to look back at what life has been like.

See you in 15 years,


9 letters, 3 words:

We Got This. 

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