The Simplest Thing (WIST #2)

I grudgingly lifted one leg at a time and slowly placed each foot upon the next stair step while pushing myself upward with the supportive railing. Even after only ten steps, my post-surgery right knee felt like an astronaut’s joints after spending five years in space.

With all my strength, I finally made it to the top of my own Mt. Everest, my bedroom on the top floor of our house. When I swung open the door, I saw the freshly washed sheets lying upon the bed I was so fond of. I flew as I fast I could, without a single thought of pain crossing my mind, to my heavenly bed. And with one stroke of the arm, I threw open the warm blanket and slid beneath the covers of the bed I had longed for since my surgery.

As I laid there with a genuine grin spreading across my face, I slid my knee up and down countless times just to experience the long-awaited liberation from sleeping with a brace. It was bliss. 

Being able to curl up into a ball like an armadillo on the most comfortable soft, cloud was the simplest yet greatest wish I had ever had.

Without a doubt, there is no other place that I am more grateful to be in… than my bed, in my home.


9 letters, 3 words:    

We Got This.


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