We Are Up to No Good!

Today we are making Corn Chowder, Buttered Rosemary Rolls and Apple Dumplings. These recipes are also from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Food From My Frontier. We are starting to realize the recipes in this book are going to be challenging to our waistlines! But doggone, they are so good.

While everything is cooking, let me throw in a teaser:

These are the apple dumplings, just going in to bake. Oh, my!

Cooking this corn chowder today has me thinking about my favorite soups. I love soups, they help heal the body and warm the heart. There are a couple of soups our family relies heavily upon: potato soup, cabbage soup, and kitchen sink soup. My husband, Jon, has even started trying his hand at soup making and is doing very well at it. We will post our favorite homemade soup recipes over the next few weeks.

We will post our results from today’s cooking after it is all done and cleaned up, along with any changes we had to make and changes we would consider in the future. Don’t let that make you think for a second that we don’t like what’s cooking – it is totally scrumptious!!! As long as you are not baking, most recipes have room for modifications to meet the budget, pantry, or diet. Talk to you soon!

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