What’s a “Slider” Anyway?

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, y’all!

For years now I have been hearing folks talk about sliders, but had no idea what they were. Come to find out, it’s just a little meat sandwich on a dinner roll. That sounds simple enough, so we decided to try them. The Pioneer Woman, of course, had a recipe for them, so Flora and I made them a few weeks ago using that recipe. It is nothing like my own favorite hamburger recipe, so I was a bit dubious at first, but we did it her way anyway. I am so glad we did!

We decided to try three recipes: Mushroom Swiss Sliders with Spicy Fry Sauce, Crash Hot Potatoes (both from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier), and Flat Apple Pie (from the book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl). We had chips and California Onion dip as well. It wasn’t the most nutritionally sound meal, I admit.

Mushroom Swiss Sliders

Reading through the recipe for the sliders, I was surprised to find the recipe calls for cream.

In hamburger.

Heavy whipping cream in hamburger.

I simply could not wrap my head around it! The meat also had a touch of salt, pepper, and Worcestershire Sauce mixed in.

By the way, did you know that making a dent in the middle of each burger patty after you shape it will keep it from swelling up into a golf ball? Great tip for grilled burgers!

*** Still stuck on Heavy Whipping Cream in my Hamburgers, just sayin’.***

Love the ‘Shrooms!

The mushrooms were sautéed with onions in butter, white wine, and a touch of Worcestershire sauce. I could have eaten the whole pan of them as they cooked! When the burgers were just about done, we covered the top of each burger with mushrooms and some Swiss cheese.

Crash Hot Potatoes

Crash Hot Potatoes are potatoes that you boil in salted water until they are done, set out on parchment paper, and mash them down. (I didn’t have a masher, so I used a glass bottom. It sufficed.) Next drizzle olive oil over them, sprinkle on some salt and pepper and maybe some fresh herbs, and bake until they are golden. I didn’t bake them as long as that, but they were still delicious.

Spicy Fry Sauce

The spicy fry sauce is mayonnaise, ketchup, and spice (I used a bit of siracha.) It is sauce from Heaven, wonderful on the burgers. And the potatoes. And the chips. And everything else we tried it on!

The Verdict Is In…

So the verdict on the Heavy Whipping Cream in hamburgers? Absolutely amazing. It helped the meat keep its shape and softened it, giving it a wonderful texture.

I don’t want to start using cream in everything, but I just may keep it in my burgers! The sliders are definitely a keeper. I am adding this recipe to the Family Cookbook!

Flat Apple Pie

Flora made the flat apple pie as I was cooking the burgers. The concept was simple: lay the pie crust out on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet, place spiced apples in the center, and fold up the edges. Then bake.

A little secret for a richer apple taste: use a mix of apple varieties in your apple pies to bring out the wonderful sweet and tart flavors. We used Gala and Granny Smith apples in these pies.

I have to confess, we both love cinnamon in our apple pies, so we added a bit when the recipe didn’t call for it. That was a good idea! We also love the syrup that is formed when you mix the apples with the sugars, so we poured it on the crust with the apples, thinking that the folded up pie crust would hold it in.

It doesn’t. Don’t do that unless you want to do some serious cleanup work! Still, though, it was delicious!

Bringing it home:

The meal was so satisfying. We wrapped it up by serving the pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some caramel sauce. It was the perfect finish for this meal!

A Little Bell Pepper Trick I Know

I like to find little tricks (“Kitchen Hacks”) that speed up food preparation and cut down on mess. I have never been a fan of chopping bell peppers because of the seeds and membrane in the middle.

Did you know that where the membrane grows inside the pepper creates a crease in the outside surface? It runs all the way from the top to the bottom of the pepper and looks like this:

The secret to quick and clean pepper slicing is to follow the creases down the pepper. You will end up with nice clean slices that you don’t have to trim or scrape out, and all of the membranes and seeds are left together in a single piece, ready to toss!

I hope you find this helpful!