About Us

Flora and I have been friends for about 16 years as of the start of this blog. She and her husband worked with me and my husband for several years teaching pre-teens at our church. When we started working together with the pre-teens, we began to meet up every now and again for working meals so we could plan the next several classes. We quickly discovered that we all loved food (duh) and that she and I enjoy cooking very much. Since it is cheaper to eat in than out, and since we were starting to meet up much more frequently, we decided to start cooking a meal together most weekends just for fellowship’s sake.

This past Christmas Flora and I watched the movie “Julie and Julia” together. It is one of our favorite “cooking movies”. Flora and her husband, David, were talking about how much we love cooking and should do the same type of thing as Julie in the movie did, only starting off with recipes by the Pioneer Woman and going wherever it takes us. As we starting giving it more serious thought, we were both saddened by the great number of men and women we know who say they can’t cook, can’t follow a recipe, or are scared to try. That is where we felt our calling: we believe that anyone can cook, and that anyone can make a mistake while cooking. It happens! So we are reviewing recipes from our favorite cookbooks, letting you know how it went, what changes we had to make, what we forgot to do or wish we had done, and how we feel we could make it better. We won’t post someone else’s copyrighted recipes, but we are going to “salt and pepper” this blog with recipes of our own, along with tips and tricks we have found through our years of cooking for our own families. The kitchen really is not a scary place. We hope to help you feel at home there.


Flora has always enjoyed cooking, and is especially drawn to baking.

She is a wife and mother, and works at a church school with infants and toddlers.

We will get some more information from Flora and fill it in as we go!


I am wife, mom and mamaw. I was blessed to stay home with my kids for 20 years, but I am a working girl again now.

In my spare time (HAHAHAHA) I am an artist, crafter, musician and writer. Since going to work I have not gotten to do nearly enough of any of these things, though. I am working on making it easier to escape to create something each day without feeling like I am ignoring everything else that needs attention. It’s a tough job, but I have to do it!

Having Flora, David and their kids over on a regular basis has been an incredible blessing for my family! And the meals that have come out of my kitchen while they were here… absolutely heavenly. I am so glad that Flora and I have this outlet to share our love for simple, good cooking with you! We look forward to sharing our experiences in the kitchen with you!