Better Than Chicken

Okay, it IS chicken, but it is by far the best chicken I have ever had! This weekend Flora and I decided to prepare three recipes from Ree Drummond’s book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier.

Peach-Whiskey Chicken and Roasted Cauliflower

Peach-Whiskey Chicken

Since the chicken would take the longest to prepare we cooked it first. Our families are large, so we tend to cook for an army when we are together. The recipe called for 12 chicken drumsticks, we cooked 24. We followed the recipe for the peach-whiskey sauce, except for two changes. For one, the fresh peaches in our grocery were anything but fresh, so we used two large cans of sliced peaches, drained. Second, we could not find peach preserves, so we used a peach spread, and since this jar held just over the 1-cup that the recipe called for, we put it all in. We debated doubling the sauce recipe to go with the extra chicken, but decided not to. It was a good decision! The outcome: this was some of the very best chicken we have ever eaten! Four thumbs up!

Next up: Roasted Cauliflower

The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Roasted Cauliflower was delicious. The only change we might consider making next time would be to try less (or no) panko. The buttered panko was delicious, but with this meal it was a bit much. When you roast the cauliflower, you break it into pieces and roast it on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes, then place in final serving dishes, top with the buttered panko, and roast for another 5 minutes. We thought it would be wonderful with just the butter. Super delish, even our kids loved it!

Finally: Knock you Naked Brownies – YUM!

This is the recipe that we ended up making most changes to. This was partly due to our need to double the recipe and only finding enough caramels for a single batch, and partly due to not reading ahead to see that these brownies really should have gone into the fridge for a while to set the melted caramel and chocolate layer in the middle. Friends, it did not matter that we only made one recipe of the middle layer and two recipes of the brownie dough! And even though the warm brownies were super, super sloppy, these brownies were absolutely sinful. Sinful, sinful, sinful!

Flora is a wonderful baker. She is also a preschool teacher and has a wonderful way with children. My granddaughter was with us for the weekend, so Flora put her to work! She showed her how we can use a glass bowl over some hot water to melt caramels so we don’t burn them (or ourselves!)

They worked together to make the brownies, and this child had a blast!