Playing Ketchup. Catsup. Catch-up!!!

Happy Summer!

It has been an eventful summer already, filled with family activities and responsibilities. Yes, I said that word. Flora got to go work with Joni and Friends for two weeks, her own kids were at camp and visiting the university their daughter will begin attending in just a few short weeks. They are heavily involved in scouting, so there are always events to either run or enjoy. Our families have still had the opportunity to share several meals together during this time, but, well you know. Responsibilities. Daggone, I said it again.

My responsibility now is to get this blog caught up, featuring the meals we have tried together, what we liked and didn’t, what we might do differently, and how much FUN we have had cooking together! I think maybe if I start scheduling in time several times a week to blog, you may just get to see posts more regularly. Besides that, it does me good to share my love of cooking, foods, and flavors!

A few passing thoughts about the cooking we have been doing from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks. She tends to prepare meals with higher fat and calorie levels than we want to eat (even though they are *so good*), and it is totally understandable with her hard-working family. In most cases, though, it is easy enough to lower the fat and calorie levels as you go with either substitutions or omissions of some ingredients. The more you try it, the more natural it becomes. Also, I really love how Mrs. Drummond comments in her recipes the things she might add or do differently if she was just cooking for herself or for the kids. She accounts for tastes and preferences, and I find it really inspiring.

So, I will be playing catch-up for a few weeks. I may be on here more than you care to see! But we do love what we are doing and will definitely continue at our own pace.

“An-ti-ci-pa-a-tion, it’s making me wait…”