The Simplest Thing (WIST #2)

I grudgingly lifted one leg at a time and slowly placed each foot upon the next stair step while pushing myself upward with the supportive railing. Even after only ten steps, my post-surgery right knee felt like an astronaut’s joints after spending five years in space. With all my strength, I finally made it to... Continue Reading →

Seeing My Mother On Her Knees

It's not right. No mother should ever be on her knees. Today is the end of the third week of recovery after my ACL reconstruction knee surgery.  Everyday is better than the previous and with strength, I keep fighting. But without my mother by my side, I don't know where I would be. That first week,... Continue Reading →

Why I Smiled Today (WIST)

Being 3 days away from surgery, I keep catching myself thinking of all the worst possible situations. Letting all these negative thoughts flow through my head leaves me drowning in an abyss of my own worries. I feel like I need to fix my attitude, thus I'm challenging myself to find at least one thing each... Continue Reading →

Questions for my Future Self

Hi Katherine, 15 years from now, I hope you'll still be here to answer these questions I am dying to know the answers to...  What college did you end up going to? How did you react when you did/didn’t get into certain colleges? MIT? Stanford?  Did you love college? What happened to all of your... Continue Reading →

Chipotle: Making It Worth It

Chipotle may seem pricey sometimes... okay, ALL of the time, but I got your back. As an extreme lover of Chipotle, I've learned multiple guilt-free ways to maximize your order: 1. Ask for a tortilla on the side! Fun Fact: Bowls can always fit more food! So order a bowl and then ask for a tortilla... Continue Reading →

Acts of Kindness

Here's all of the moments I would like to thank people for. It has made a world of a difference in my beginnings of recovering from my knee injury.  Thank you to the multiple strangers who held doors open for me. Thank you to the lady who pressed the elevator button for me. Thank you... Continue Reading →

Mystery of Why I Blog

Here's a little secret for you, I'm a horrible writer. Then again, who said you had to be great writer to have a blog? So here I am, in all *rolls eyes* of my glory. Let's start with my name, Katherine Sun. Growing up, I always felt like a superhero because I had the last name... Continue Reading →

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